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Alex says No Excuses

Alex Says No Excuses

It has been a long time since my last post and as the best Zumba instructor ever, Alex says NO EXCUSES!  I was so lucky this Thanksgiving when my cousin Gina came to Alabama for Thanksgiving.  Since they were staying several days, she asked my sister Kim and me to see if there were any Zumba classes nearby.  My sister found one being held at 8:00 am Monday-Thursday at Jack Gaston Coliseum.

My normal routine had been walking every day for 4-6 miles but had slacked off a little when it got cooler, so I was glad to go and try the class.  It had been several years since I had taken a Zumba class.  I LOVE to dance but for one reason or another, put it on the back burner.  I just want to thank Gina so much for putting me in the right place at the right time.  If you know me personally, everything happens for a reason whether it is good or not.  Well, this was better than good.

When I had taken Zumba before, I could barely finish the class.  Well, since I had lost weight and gotten my blood pressure under control, I was able to do it and not feel like I was about to pass out.  So please if you give one gift this Christmas, please, please, please, give it to YOURSELF.  Take care of your health!  When you take care of your health, you can take care of your kids, husband/wife/partner, and your life in general.  I did not realize how awful I felt until I lost weight and started training my body.

Alex helped me get my groove back . . .

Gina and I went to the first class the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Tuesday we didn’t go because we didn’t have a step.  On Wednesday, we went back and had a great time.  Of course, Thanksgiving was Thursday so we didn’t go then.  We did eat some good food though. 🙂  The next week I went on Monday and Alex told me “April, you need to come to the step Zumba class.”  I was a little afraid that I would fall off the step or hurt myself in some way.  Even though I was afraid, I went ahead and bought a step and took the step Zumba class.   I love it!  It is actually easier for me to follow than the regular Zumba.

Besides, the fact it is just lots of FUN!, what I really love from the classes with Alex is the inspiration and motivation.  I love when I leave the class feeling like I can tackle anything life throws my way.  I have the ENERGY to do anything.  Besides losing more weight, I can tell my body is changing into a nicer shape.

58 pounds lost
58 pounds lost in this pic but I have lost 62 pounds now.

Words of Wisdom

After one of the classes, Alex was talking to us giving us advice and he told a story about a Lion and a Gazelle.  Basically, he said “You know, the Gazelle runs to LIVE because it has to outrun the Lion.  And the Lion runs to live to catch the Gazelle for food.  So we have to take care of our bodies and train every day.”  Alex is so passionate about Zumba and life in general.

The first day of class, I took Alex’s picture and told him I was going to write about him on my blog.  Unfortunately, I cannot find that pic but have used one of his own pictures from facebook.  I have been so busy (I know No Excuses!) that it has been one month and I am just now getting to writing this post.  In January, I am opening a restaurant – my dream come true.

Sadly, Alex may have to cut back on his classes here or change the time.  But I am very happy for him because he has a wonderful opportunity in Birmingham!  I still think he needs to open a space in Gadsden for Zumba, Spinning, and teach Salsa Dance, etc.  I am looking every day for a place as I drive through town.  He also needs to write a book about health and fitness because he is an Expert!!!  I have learned more from him in less than a month than I have in my whole life about what I need to do to make my body healthy.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ALEX GUERRERO!  You are the best!

Here are the links to his facebook and Zumba pages: